Yael Toren is a video artist, working simultaneously in computerized 3D animation, painting and sculpture. Her main interest is the human condition in the anthropocene epoch, the perils of emigration, morphing into and being a refugee in a disintegrating world. Cycles of time and history, birth and extinction all interact in her videos.


Yael contemplates the autonomic existence of virtual digital objects. In mass-populated animated events, computer-born humanoid objects are programmed as borderless, as if lacking a personal space around them. This utopian vision - to free an object from surrounding entities - is paradoxically challenging: while avoiding the marking of territories and boundaries, they are all drawn into a spectacular digital ritual, penetrating each other while being penetrated, choreographed into losing their degrees of freedom, their core of individuality.


Toren completed her Bachelor’s with honors at the Bezalel Academy of Art and studied theater and stage design at Tel Aviv University. In 2015 she won the first prize in the final exhibition of MFA studies at Haifa University for her 3D animation artwork. For many years she has been deeply involved in the world of ancient illuminated manuscripts.



Text: Tali Tamir